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Meet Andrea!

Andrea trained in Aerial Arts at LSU’s School of Theatre from 2013-2014 and furthered her circus study in subsequent years with Nashville Circus Centre, Crave Fitness Studio and Fly Circus Space. She's passionate about travel and having studied in East Africa, Andrea moved to Kenya in 2014 and shortly thereafter became the Aerial Arts instructor at Sarakasi Dome.

In 2017, She went on to create the social circus AER Africa which employs Kenyan youth and brings Aerial + Flow Arts to venues and schools across Africa. She furthered her study of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga in 2018 with Karuna Yoga Journeys and continues to host retreats, workshops and classes that merge aerial, yoga, flow and mindfulness practices.

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What to Expect from an Aerial Silks Private

Aerial Silks will help build strength, flexibility and endurance. It builds on technique to train one to hold their own body weight on a suspended apparatus as they begin to learn acrobatic fundamentals in the air. This 60 minute class will begin with a warm-up, lead into conditioning and aerial silk moves, and end with a cool-down.

First Timers:

The curriculum will focus on moves learned from the floor and basic climbs and inverts. No prior experience required! This class is perfect for first-time aerialists or for those new to Aerial Silk technique and vocabulary.

Advanced Beginner:

Perfect for students who are knowledgeable and able to perform aerial silk fundamentals and intro/beginner-level skills. Class will also include a more advanced warm-up and cool-down to increase the student’s strength and flexibility. The curriculum will involve more moves done aerially vs from the floor. This class is also catered to students who wish to hone in on proper alignment and technique before advancing to the next level. We highly recommend this level for intermediate/advanced students who are returning to aerial silk from a long break.


This class is catered to those performing a majority of their moves aerially and are ready to learn various transitions as well as creating their own choreography. An advanced level of strength and flexibility plus proper technique and form are required. The curriculum will be taught in multiple levels with modifications provided, as needed.

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$100 for a 60-minute session.
+ $10 per additional person
Max $120

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Max capacity per session is 3 people.
Open to both kids and adults.

What's the Difference Between Aerial Yoga & Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks with help build strength, flexibility and endurance. It uses your arms, torso, hips and core to hold your own body weight on the suspended silks as you begin to learn the basics of acrobatics in the air. Although more demanding, it makes working out exciting.

Aerial Yoga uses yoga techniques of breath, alignment, flow and mindfulness. Each participant has their own silk to work from, and the suspended yoga hammock acts as an assisting device during various yoga positions to allow for greater range of movement (including some inversions). If you are nervous about Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga is a great introduction. 

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